We’ll Help You with Your Green Card Medical Forms in NY

Whether you want to become a citizen in the US or you want to change the status of your green card or have an adjustment made, you will need to turn in the appropriate green card medical forms. In fact, if you skip this step, you can expect to see a big denial on the front of your application

To receive green card medical forms, you need to have a green card medical exam performed by a civil surgeon. Your primary care physician is unable to perform this exam unless he or she has been chosen by the USCIS as an immigration doctor.

Before you panic, the team at Elite Medical Clinic is here to help you. Our USCIS immigration doctor, Dr. Javid Yadegar, is able to perform your green card medical exam and fill out all of your green card medical forms at your appointment.

The entire purpose of your green card medical exam and forms is to determine which immigrants are ready to assume their citizenship or permanent resident status. If you pose a risk to the health of the citizens in the US, you will be recommended as inadmissible.

What to Know about Green Card Medicals Forms

What most immigrants do not know is that the green card medical forms are not as cut and dry as they sound. In fact, it takes an experienced and qualified USCIS doctor to be able to recognize and fill the paperwork out correctly. Dr. Yadegar is able to properly fill in the forms and has helped hundreds of immigrants in your same shoes over the years.

When it comes to whether or not you are inadmissible, it is important that you do not stress over this. Many immigrants are worried about this part of the exam, but it is not something that most need to fear. As long as you are considered in good health and do not have any diseases that pose a risk to the health of US citizens, it is unlikely that you will be considered inadmissible.

Only certain medical conditions are grounds for inadmissibility and some of these conditions can even be forgiven, if you take the proper steps

Dr. Yadegar will perform a thorough immigration examination on you, which includes a full panel of bloodwork, x-rays, and vaccinations. Once the process is complete, he will fill out your green card medical forms and you can submit them to the USCIS.

Schedule Your Appointment to Have Your Green Card Medical Forms Signed

Dr. Yadegar has served the Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York, Queens, and NYC area as a civil surgeon for many years. He understands all of the legal terms and the rules that must be followed. With a recommendation from Dr. Yadegar, you can progress in the application process towards becoming a US citizen or permanent resident.

If you would like to discuss your green card medical forms or have a green card examination performed, contact Elite Medical Clinic today.