Get Your Immigration Medical Exam Completed Today

If you want to become a US citizen, there are steps that need to be taken first and one of those steps is the immigration medical exam. This exam MUST be performed by a USCIS doctor and cannot simply be performed by just any doctor.

The purpose of the test is to determine your admissibility into the US as a citizen. If you are deemed to be inadmissible, you will not be able to obtain citizenship status. An immigration medical exam conducted by a civil surgeon can determine if you may or may not be admissible.

At Elite Medical Clinic, we know how important it is to you that you work with an approved doctor who can perform the exam and fill out the correct paperwork for you. Dr. Javid Yadegar is recognized by the USCIS and can perform your immigration medical exam for you. If you would like to schedule your appointment, contact our office now.

What to Expect at Your Immigration Medical Exam

When you come into our office for your medical exam, you may be nervous at first. This is okay. We understand that this can be a stressful and nerve-racking time for you, but we do promise to keep you as comfortable as we possibly can.

Dr. Yadegar will meet with you and go over your medical history. It is important that you disclose any conditions or diseases that you may have or may have had in previous years. The more Dr. Yadegar knows, the better recommendation he can provide for you.

Dr. Yadegar will then proceed to ask you questions about your vaccine history, any prescription medications you take, and also about your mental health. Once you and Dr. Yadegar have covered all of these questions, your exam will begin. Part of the exam includes x-rays and bloodwork.

The exam is comprehensive in nature and will explore all potential life-threatening conditions or diseases you may have along with any underlying issues that may be present. The goal here is for Dr. Yadegar to rule out any types of infectious diseases o conditions that may be a health hazard.

If Dr. Yadegar suspects that something may be wrong, he will order a test to further explain the symptoms or condition. This step in the process is crucial because certain diseases and conditions can render you inadmissible.

Your immigration medical exam will not take too long to complete and Dr. Yadegar can see your entire family right here in our office.

Schedule Your Immigration Medical Exam Today

If you are in the NYC, New York, Brooklyn, Queens, or the Manhattan area, now is the time to schedule your immigration medical exam. Dr. Yadegar is prepared to answer all of your questions and address any concerns that you may have about the medical exam. Our civil surgeon is not only experienced and recognized by the USCIS, he is compassionate, understanding, and will complete the required paperwork for your application.