An Approved USCIS Doctor in NYC

One of the many steps that must be completed when you want to gain US citizenship is the immigration physical and medical exam. Much of this process is simple and straightforward without any hiccups along the way. The process is as simple as it sounds and it is just a medical examination performed by a USCIS doctor.

After the examination is completed, you will need to make sure your immigration doctor fills out and signs the appropriate paperwork and off you go to finish completing your application. While this sounds very easy, it can be quite difficult and this is why you need to choose an experienced immigration doctor.

At Elite Medical Clinic, Dr. Javid Yadegar is your USCIS doctor and is prepared to work with you to ensure the entire medical examination process is as smooth as can be.

USCIS Doctors Must Follow the Law and Guidelines Set Forth

It is important for you to understand and know that your civil surgeon cannot just sign off on the paperwork without actually completing the exam. The Department of Homeland Security has set forth many rules, laws, and regulations that must be met when a civil surgeon completes a medical examination.

While the exam itself is pretty simple, the paperwork is the tricky part. Dr. Yadegar is experienced in filling out I-693 forms and has helped hundreds of patients in the same position as you.

Our team will work with you to ensure that you receive properly filled out forms that can be turned in. We see ALL members of your household right here in our office. Whether you are from Brooklyn, Queens, New York, Manhattan, or NYC, we are prepared to work with you.

Our USCIS Medical Exam is Performed by Our USCIS Doctor

Dr. Yadegar understands that you may be nervous about your upcoming examination and this is normal. He is not only compassionate, but will educate you and take his time to ensure you are comfortable and well informed throughout the entire process.

When you come in for an exam by our local immigration doctor, you will receive vaccinations and have x-rays and bloodwork performed. Our team is extremely friendly and sociable, so you will never feel out of place. We welcome you into our office with open arms.

Schedule Your Appointment with Our USCIS Doctor

At Elite Medical Clinic, we provide immigration medical exams for the ENTIRE family and would be happy to have you visit our office. Whether you reside in NYC, New Yor, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens, we will provide you with superior services that cannot be matched.

If you are ready to have a medical exam performed by a civil surgeon or you simply have questions for us about a completed form, contact our office now. The team at Elite Medical Clinic is ready to help you and Dr. Yadegar, our USCIS doctor, is always available to provide you with the services you need.